Dubbing actor and speaker

adag Payroll Services GmbH takes over the payroll accounting of your dubbing actors / voice actors nationwide and independent of agencies.

Complete service with assumption of liability

Our service includes taking over all activities and duties related to payroll. We offer comprehensive reporting and controlling in line with film funding requirements.

Payroll client as Secured Server Download

We set up a client for your production company or for your production in our payroll accounting software (SESAM-Lohn of Sesam Software GmbH). This client is available for download at any time via a Secured Server.

Short-term, timely and cashless payment processing

We transfer the wages of employees at short notice and quickly. Details on payment can be found in the Extras FAQ section: When will the wages be transferred?

Notifications to authorities

We take over the, according to the legal regulations reports to the responsible authorities. This applies in particular to the payroll tax return and the social insurance returns.

Communication with authorities

We manage and are responsible for all written and verbal communication with the authorities and offices involved in payroll accounting. We answer all queries from health insurance companies, pension insurance and employment agencies.

Tax and contribution payment

We take care of all tax and contribution payments involved in the payroll process. This includes both the payment of payroll taxes and social security contributions.

Documentation for the employees

We take care of the complete documentation of the payroll for the employees, on time and in accordance with the legal requirements. This includes the preparation of payroll accounting, the wage tax certificate, the SV registration certificate, the certificate of additional income, the income certificate and the employment certificate as well as the processing of remuneration certificates for the German pension insurance.

Communication with employees

We conduct all written and verbal communication with employees. We actively take care of the completeness and correctness of the information in the employment contract and the related supporting documents. We also answer all questions about payroll and payment. In addition, a comprehensive range of information is available online for the most frequently asked questions: Extras FAQ. We place very high value on constructive and friendly communication.


adag Payroll Services GmbH shall take the technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), in particular the requirements specified in Section 64 BDSG.


Our offer includes audit-proof archiving of employment contracts and payrolls in conventional paper archives and our electronic system in compliance with the statutory retention periods.