See through with one click!

For employees, adag Payroll Services now provides the innovative information service CONTRACKER for the first time. Using CONTRACKER, you can now find out the current progress of your billing at any time. And all this with just one mouse click!

In principle, the adag CONTRACKER works very similarly to the well-known parcel tracking of large logistics service providers. You can see the processing status of your billing at a glance. By the way, you will receive the link to the CONTRACKER automatically by e-mail. Important to know: Contracker does not display personal data! All you get to see is the title of the production, the date of employment, which production company has released the fee for settlement, and the progress of the settlement.

Three colors: Green, Gray, Red
If your posting is digital and you have completed a digital employment contract, the billing process goes through 10 stages from the time the employment contracts are recorded to the time your account is credited. In conventional employment contracts, there are only five levels. CONTRACKER displays these levels in sequence. If a step is green, this means “Everything is okay!”. Work steps that have not been completed are grayed out. A step becomes red if the settlement cannot continue at that point. This way, you will also know right away whether you should contact adag, for example, to submit missing evidence or data.

The Contracker launch exceeded our expectations. Already in the first week, we recorded an average of over 1,200 clicks per day for the Contracker.