adag SETREX - Personnel Management on the Set

From now on the new version of SETREX is ready for installation. SETREX is the mobile personnel management tool of adag Payroll Services GmbH for your set. SETREX is part of our modular system solution for the digitalization and sustainable implementation of all payroll processes for extras, small actors, dubbing actors, voice actors, cast&crew and event personnel.

Supplemented by numerous new functions, SETREX offers you an equally convenient and efficient personnel management tool from check-in to check-out on set. The app is executable from Android version 8.0 or higher.

The functional scope of SETREX includes among others
– manual and automatic time recording
– DSGVO-compliant encryption and storage of relevant contractual agreements
– Automatic calculation of fees on the basis of agreed framework conditions
– Recording of fees and surcharges
– digital creation of receipts for fees, bonuses and working hours
– reliable online and offline operation
– Ongoing transfer of data to the production office (Payroll module) in online mode based on current encryption standards
– Multi-device capability with simultaneous use of multiple devices for very large sets and standardized check-in and check-out situations, e.g., check-in at studio, check-out at field shoot.

New features in version 1.0.2 (September 10, 2021)
– When exiting the contract overview is now automatically saved
– Contract overview is updated directly when entered
– Clearer notice for contracts not completed online
– Wages below the minimum wage are displayed in red
– Unaudited contracts are marked
– Icon legend added to shooting day overview
– Adding new people fixed

More info and download:
adag SETREX – Apps at Google Play