Our services

adag Payroll Services GmbH provides non-agency payroll services throughout Germany for extras and bit players in film, TV and advertising productions.

Comprehensive service with assumption of liability

Our service includes assumption of all activities and liabilities related to payment processing. We offer a comprehensive reporting and controlling system in compliance with film funding requirements.

Transparent and reliable payment calculations

Based on the Minimum Wage Law (MiLoG), we quote you a universal fee per employee regardless of social security status based on gross wages. This provides you with a simple and reliable basis for calculating your costs.

Employment contracts with option to create duplicates

Our employment contracts are compact and clear and provide you the option to create duplicates. In addition to the original copy of the contract issued for payroll purposes, the employer and employee each receive a copy of the contract.

Transfer of rights

Legally-binding transfer of image rights is an integral part of our employment contract service. Conditions for this process are outlined on the original employment contract as well as on any copies.

Prompt accounting reports

We provide a quick and transparent invoice processing service. You will receive an invoice for your own accounting purposes no later than one day after we receive employment contracts, provided that these comply with minimum wage requirements.

Detailed documentation

Your invoices will include a daily fee report for each day of production, itemized for each employee and federal state. We take into account and make a record of all working hours, overtime, and distinguish between taxable and tax-free payments. We can provide you with itemized statements for each day of production, invoice and/or project. We can also provide you with individual fee reports for each day of production or each employee for the entire duration of your project. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out about other reporting options.

Controlling and legally-binding documentation in accordance with minimum wage requirements

Our system software keeps track of all wages, as well as all work and breaks recorded in employment contracts in accordance with provisions of the Minimum Wage Law (MiLoG). We will provide you with a record of hours worked in accordance with the relevant legal provisions and archive your files at no extra cost in accordance with the Minimum Wage Law.

Payroll client as secure server download

We set up a client space for your production company or production in our payroll software (SESAM Lohn from Sesam Software GmbH). This is available to download at any time over our secured server.

Fast, prompt processing of cashless payments

We transfer employees’ payments quickly and promptly. You can find details on our payment transfer process here: Extras FAQ: When will my wages be transferred?

Reporting to the public authorities

We assume responsibility for all communication with the relevant authorities in accordance with legal requirements. This includes registration for income tax and social security in particular.

Communication with the public authorities

We manage and assume responsibility for all written and verbal communication with the public authorities and administration bodies involved in the payroll process. We also answer any enquiries made by health insurers, pension funds and employment agencies.

Taxes and contributions

We organize all payments of tax and contributions involved in payroll processing. This includes PAYE tax as well as social security contributions.

Liability of adag Payroll Services GmbH

adag Payroll Services GmbH is liable for any errors related to payroll processing, social security information provided and calculations of contributions. This also applies to any payroll errors that occur as a result of false information provided by employees.

Indemnity for production companies

adag Payroll Services GmbH indemnifies its customers from any liability to third parties in relation to payroll processing, social security information provided and calculations of contributions. The details of this indemnity are laid out in a contractual agreement.

Documentation for employees

We assume responsibility for full, prompt processing of all the necessary documentation for payroll processing in compliance with legal requirements. This includes preparation of payslips, income tax statements, social security registration certificates, statements of additional income, income statements and employment certificates as well as processing of remuneration statements for the German Pension Insurance.

Communication with employees

We manage all written and verbal communication with employees. We actively ensure that all details in employment contracts are accurate and complete and take care of any supporting documents. We also answer any questions related to payroll and payment processing. In addition, we provide comprehensive responses to frequently asked questions which are available online: Extras FAQ. We value constructive and friendly communication very highly.

Communication with agencies

We also act as a service provider to agencies. We aim to offer agencies the opportunity to engage in positive, open and friendly collaborations. We are more than happy to respond to queries from agencies regarding individual payments, as well as general queries on payroll processing.

Data protection

adag Payroll Services GmbH takes all the necessary technical and organizational steps to ensure that we meet the provisions of the  Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), in particular those outlined in § 64 BDSG.


Our service includes revision-proof archiving of employment contracts and invoices in conventional paper archives as well as in our electronic system in accordance with legal retention periods.