Digital employment contract

Welcome to adag!

You can now also complete your employment contract digitally for your engagement as an extra.

What are the benefits of the digital employment contract?

You only need to complete it once. The information you provide is stored by adag for your later filming sessions.

You receive payment of your fee a few days earlier, as the contracts are no longer sent by post by the production to adag.

How does the new digital employment contract work?

Once you are booked as an extra by your agency, you will receive a link by email before the filming date that you can use to access your employment contract for that day of filming.

To do this, please click on this link. Shortly after, you will automatically receive an SMS TAN for that filming date. You can use that TAN to log in and complete your digital employment contract.

Once you have confirmed your information, you can print out a set pass for that film-ing day or have the set pass sent to you on your mobile phone.

Please do not forget to bring your set pass with you to filming.

At the start of the filming day and once filming is complete, your set pass will be scanned by the extras manager.

You will then receive a document confirming your working time, your fee for that day of filming, and showing all other necessary information.

You will also receive a detailed account of your filming day by email.

Billing and payment of your fee will then be handled via adag.

If you do not complete your employment contract digitally, you will of course receive a printed employment contract that you can complete as usual.

Many thanks! We wish you the best of success on your filming day.

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