New reporting procedure for short-term mini-jobs: What's in store for you!

With the Fourth Law Amending the Sea Fisheries Act of May 26, 2021, changes in the reporting procedure for short-term mini-jobs have also been adopted. And these changes have it in them. “Employers are obligated via the Contribution Procedure Ordinance as of January 1, 2022, to include proof of health insurance coverage in the remuneration records to be kept for the respective short-term employee,” reports the specialist portal

This means that all short-term extras, small actors, performers who are employed for only one day should provide this proof of health insurance coverage in the future. To our knowledge, this regulation is currently still part of a final discussion by the relevant policy department.

We are still trying to avert this regulation for extras and have written to the Mini-Job-Zentrale, the Produzentenallianz, the Bundesverband Schauspiel (BFFS), production companies and health insurance companies in this regard. We hope this jar passes us all by, as we feel this regulation is an unnecessary, additional complication in booking and employing short-term workers in the film and television industry. In the meantime, Ensider, a news service for the film and media industry, has also taken up the issue: And more bureaucracy for film productions again